Living room - a place where you can spend time with loved ones, relax with games, reading or watching TV. This place should be cozy and relaxing for a leisurely pastime of all family members. With this task perfectly cope living room furniture made of wood, which is able to create not only the image and style, but also a special atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Living rooms made of solid oak from Yavid are presented in the collections of "Beatrice", "Florence", "Verona", "Rimini", in the classical style, "Nicole", "Cesar".

Living room "Beatrice"

Living room "Beatrice", made in modern classic style, fascinates with its beauty, restraint and elegance.

Living Room Florence

Living room "Florence" - living room in classic style. Living room with a refined design, noble finish and special attention to details.

Living Room Verona

The living room "Verona" is a tandem of classic and modern motifs. Combining kitchen and living room, as a union of soul and body, should be harmonious and natural. One style, one color, one image ... A tandem of new opportunities and fresh ideas for creating a unique interior.

Living Room Classic

Furniture for the living room in classic style. Elegance, ease and practicality. Simplicity of form, clarity of lines, soft colors and maximum functionality.

Living Room Nicole

Living rooms in modern style - is functionality, precision details, minimalism and perfect proportions. Living room "Nicole" from solid oak is natural wood, metal elements, transparent and frosted glass.

Living Room Caesar

Being the soul of your home, the living room should be cozy and friendly, warm and harmonious. Collection "Cesar" is made in modern style. It will make your interior free and concise.


Our living room from an array of reliable, abrasion resistant and durable. Headsets are made only from environmentally friendly materials.Thanks to the luxurious appearance, variety of design and richness of the palette, the furniture will organically complement the interior in any style.

We comprehensively approach the provision of services. Our experts will offer you several design projects to choose from, deliver and assemble headsets.