The kitchen is often called the heart and soul of the house. First of all, it is a home. That is why it is so important that this room is cozy, comfortable and functional. And what other material, except wood, has a real warmth? Furniture for the kitchen of wood is of high quality and reliability, it looks noble and stylish. Meet the oak kitchens from Yavid: “Beatrice”, “Florence”, “Verona”, “Nicole”, “Dominika”, “Amelia”, "LINE".


We are pleased to present the new kitchen collection «CASCADE». This is a modern kitchen that combines trendy elements of style and proven solutions over the years. A distinctive feature of the kitchen «CASCADE» is 4 new types of facades with corrugated curly elements. For lovers of bright trends, an interesting contrasting version is available - a combination of a corrugated drawer lining with a figured facade of the upper wall cabinets. And the rest of the lower modules are complemented by a flat facade "LINE".

Kitchen KVADRO

The new kitchen "KVADRO" is a bright example of laconic minimalism. A distinctive feature of the kitchen is a symmetrical narrow frame of the facade and a non-volumetric panel. Correct straight lines and clear shapes form a single geometry, like squares, and emphasize the minimalist image of the kitchen.

Kitchen MONA

The new kitchen "MONA" is designed for connoisseurs of modern style. Distinctive features of the facade of the kitchen "MONA": a laconic narrow frame and milling of the panel. This solution allows you to shift the focus from the frame to the panel, which in turn sets the kitchen vertical and dynamic.

Kitchen Beatrice

We are pleased to present you the kitchen "Beatrice", performed in the modern classics. Elegant decorative elements, functional cabinets, a wide range of colors and, of course, interesting stylistic solutions do not leave indifferent at first sight.

Kitchen Florence

The kitchen is the most important place in the house. It is creates the atmosphere of your home.
"Florence" is a kitchen, made in classical style, with a refined design, noble decoration and special attention to details. It is elegant, unique and delicious.
The classic image is emphasized by a line of facades with faceted glass.

Kitchen Verona

The kitchen "Verona" is a kitchen in the style of modern classics, in which traditional elements of decor are intertwined with modern solutions. Direct clear lines, wide modules, open niches, decorative shelves give the kitchen even more expressiveness. In addition, the kitchen is presented in an elegant beige-gray color, which was designed specifically for this collection.
When designing the kitchen, not only the highest design requirements were taken into account - great attention was paid to ergonomics. New ideas for the organization of the kitchen space, which combine aesthetics and functionality, perfectly correspond to the notion of a modern lifestyle.

Kitchen Nicole

Kitchens in the modern style - it's functionality, ergonomics, accuracy of parts, ideal proportions and minimalism. You see in the kitchen "Nicole" natural wood, elements made of metal, clear and frosted glass. And this combination is impressive.

Thanks to modular programs kitchen furniture from the array fits well into the interior. Create the atmosphere of your home, and this will help our kitchen furniture made of oak. In our kitchens you will find cabinets with drawers made of solid oak of our own production, cabinets for built-in equipment, originally designed cargo box, wine storage system and many other solutions. Built-in appliances, household utensils, various accessories – everything will be located in its place.

Your kitchen furniture made of oak is comfortable, multifunctional and aesthetic. Choose a kitchen made of solid oak from the manufacturer in the "Catalog". Kitchen furniture made of solid oak - the perfect solution.