The bedroom is a place of relaxation and rest. This room is our personal space. And in many ways, the correct arrangement depends on how comfortable You will be there. Bedroom furniture is really valuable when it is beautiful, comfortable and durable. Bedroom made of solid oak gives warmth, harmony, comfort and will delight you with its reliability and environmental friendliness.

Bedroom Milano

Bedroom "Milano" - a straight line, natural grace of the material and thoughtful details. All the perfection and richness of simplicity in this design solution.

Bedroom Gracia

We present you the furniture for the bedroom "Gracia" of oak, made in classical style. Natural materials and exquisite light decor create a charming atmosphere in your bedroom.

Bedrooms made of solid wood are created for complete relaxation! Elegant design, unique natural texture, soft natural range - enjoy the special atmosphere of comfort, which creates wooden furniture. 

We offer modular headsets that allow you to choose which pieces of furniture will decorate your space. Pay attention to the luxurious ensemble "Gracia", a stylish minimalist set of "Milano", as well as a set of "Valencia", made in a modern European style.

Choose a bedroom from solid wood from the manufacturer? Check out our advantages:

  • We have our own high-tech production and guarantee the quality of products.
  • We use only eco-friendly materials.
  • We make furniture for individual orders.
  • We solve non-standard tasks.
  • We provide a full range of services: from preparation of several design projects to delivery and assembly of furniture.

Yavid: furniture created for relaxation!