Guaranty and exploitation

General conditions for use (storage) and furniture care

The period during which the furniture retains its appearance and serviceability, depends significantly on the conditions of its operation. By adhering to some simple practical advice, you can always maintain in the best condition all the elements of your furniture.

It is very important to understand how climatic conditions and environmental characteristics can affect the appearance and quality of furniture. Since furniture products are sensitive to light, humidity, dryness, heat and cold, it is recommended to avoid prolonged effects of one or several of these factors, as this causes accelerated aging of the paintwork, warping and deformation of wooden furniture elements, aging of upholstery material.


During operation, the following rules must be observed: - when moving furniture, it is necessary to free it from the contents; - evenly distribute the load on the surface of the boxes and shelves (permissible load for the inner shelves of glass - 8kg, from the сhipboard - 20kg, drawers - 30kg); - it is necessary to tighten the loosened screw connections periodically, to adjust the loops, guides; - it is not necessary to keep the doors open without need, drawers opened as this leads to their distortions; - protect surfaces from mechanical damage, contact with abrasive cleaners; - it is necessary to exclude hit of water on facades, regiments, boxes, in places of an insert of a sink, a cooking surface, on joints of table-tops. Otherwise, these areas should be immediately wiped with a dry soft cloth; - it is necessary to avoid intensive impact on the furniture of steam (do not install the kettle under the hanging cabinets); - dust removal from the finished surfaces must be done with a dry soft cloth; - do not allow significant dirt on the facades, as after their removal may remain smudge and stains. Cleaning should be done with a slightly damp soft cloth moistened in a weak soap solution or with special means intended for the care of solid furniture; - operation of furniture should be carried out in rooms with a relative humidity of 50% to 65% at a temperature of +15⁰ to + 45⁰ C; - Do not install furniture near heat sources (near radiators, heated floors), stored in a damp unventilated room, as this can lead to shrinkage or swelling of wooden furniture elements, cracks, “steps” in the locks of the framework structures of the facades, overlays; - it is necessary to protect the furniture from direct sunlight, in order to avoid changing the color of individual areas.


In the case of furniture transportation by the buyer, it is necessary to exclude the probability of its mechanical damage, shocks and movements inside the vehicle, to make accurate loading and unloading operations.


The warranty obligations do not apply to the purchased furniture in the following cases: - in the event of damage and defects in furniture in case of violation of the rules and conditions of use described above; - in the event of defects or damage arising in the process of unqualified installation of furniture or in the case of self-transportation of the product by the consumer (broken integrity of the package); - in the event of defects or damage arising in the process of making changes to the design of furniture by the buyer or a third party; - in the event of defects or damage arising in the course of unauthorized repair of furniture by the buyer or a third party; - due to the natural wear and tear of fabric or pieces of furniture.

Warranty obligations and warranty periods do not apply to household appliances and mattress, because the warranty period for this product is established by the manufacturer.

The company warns the buyer about the possible difference in colors and textures, characteristic of natural materials made of wood. There may be differences in the pattern of wood texture on the surface of furniture elements made at different times, as the selection of the nature of the pattern is made in a single set of furniture.

The company warns the buyer about the possible difference in the shades of furniture made at different times, as in the process of operation under the influence of light and other physical and chemical factors, wood and paint may slightly change its color.

The company confirms the quality of manufactured furniture, according to ТРТС025/2012 16371-2014 GOST, GOST 19917-2014, 1871-2008 STB, STB 641-2000, TO.

Complaints about the quality of furniture set are accepted at the place of its purchase with the obligatory presentation of a document confirming the fact of purchase (signed contract and warranty card, which indicates the date of shipment to the buyer).

We hope that the implementation of these rules will not be difficult for you and your furniture will bring you joy and comfort in use for many years.